Another Hunt with the Impact

Had things to do and take care of Sat and Sun which didn’t leave a lot of time for detecting. Sun was out all day and no rain in any amount to moisten up the dirt.
Probably not the best of times to do some coin and jewelry hunting.
Evening came around, there was a very nice breeze with just enough blow to be comfortable. Grabbed the Impact on a whim,headed out the door and went for a short drive.Back to a spot I have hunted in the past with about 4 different detectors, didn’t think there was going to be much to find. Hey, you just never know, been surprised before.The soil there was going to be dry, digging plugs should be too much of a problem, or looking terrible in a couple days. Grass is always nice and green there.

I was going to put on the large coil, just to cover more area in a shorter period of time. Just left the small coil on and hoped for the best.

Started detecting a grid pattern, wanted to see how much was left behind with those other detectors. Ran Di3 mode, 14khz, 80 Gain, found the Impact almost silent in operation. Still using the factory presets for everything else. Shortly will play with the tone breaks……. Found some trash canslaw and pull tabs to start out the evening with. Then a few coins and some very small canslaw that was fooling me. Eventually figured out, these signals in the 80’s mostly 81 area, that gave a softer high tone that broke up, was deeper very small canslaw. If there was no break up, it was a coin.Something new I learned for this site.
Fifteen minutes into the hunt, got a nice high tone, out popped a sterling ring. Good way to start off a motivated hunt. A couple more coins, then another target signal worth digging.
Now I was having fun, after a bit of digging pulled out another ring, only 5′ from where the other ring was dug. It was gold, 10kt with diamond chips. On a roll now, had the feeling there has to be another just waiting to be found.

Worked hard for another couple hours in hopes of finding a third ring.
Guess what? I found more dang pull tab rings. Did dig up more trash, hopefully that will unmask treasures next time I detect the same spot. When it was time to quit, my pouch was full, who knows what lurks inside.

Back home, emptied my pouch to check out the goodies amongst the junk.
Besides the gold and silver rings, looks like a bit over $12 in change.
The wife took possession of the rings as soon as I handed them to her to look at. She did ask “You like that new detector, don’t you….?” What can I say, works great, finds treasure, what’s not to like..

Published by Sven from Canada

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