First solo hunt with the Multi Kruzer

First solo hunt with the Multi Kruzer (without getting a second opinion from my Ace400).
The first pic is from a small trashy park I’ve hit several times in the past with the 400,…this Makro machine has some incredible separation abilities. Different styles and years of pull tabs have a great many VDI #s they fall under, I had them mastered with the 400 but not quite as well yet with the MK.
The second hunt was a night(early morning)hunt,…this is when I find it’s pinpointing abilities just as impressive as it’s separation in the earlier hunt.
My best treasure yet…

Published by Bruce A. Logan

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  1. Sedat Güler dedi ki:

    Yüzük güzele benziyor, keşke tam olarak görünseymiş fotoğrafta… Tebrik ederim.

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