Here’s my best bits from the ssuk weekender

Here’s my best bits from the ssuk weekender every muscle aches.
Very impressed with the kruzzer picking up the small items in 8″ stubble the farthing hammy was only a few inch down but even to pick it up on the swing is a plus point in its price range. A small buckle and bit of bronze im sure was was in my bag from another dig there were plenty more signals but they never made it past the site bin.
Big thx to the ssuk team
4 tone edit
Disc 4 to 10
Notch after disc
14 khz or 19khz.
Gain 80 to 94
Iron volume 0
Isat 0
Tones alterd. All tones bar iron changed to 55 one tone dig everything, iron normally has a squeak to it.
I dug a few bits but it was just to make sure i wasn’t missing anything.

Published by Darren Smith

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