Latest Findings With Anfibio Multi

Latest Findings With Anfibio Multi - Kapak

I’m sending my latest findings with Anfibio Multi. Used program 5 TONE, DISC 5, GAIN 88 and E.U.D. it is interesting how deep goals are reported. I wish all of you beautiful finds with Anfibio. On the photograph with the display there is a set of findings 1x Sacrament of the Virgin Mary Immaculata 1x Virgin Mary Auxiliary, in the middle of the mark on hops. Below there are 4 Ag coins. From left 10 Krejcar Franz Joseph I, Poltura Leopold I (1657–1705), White Penny one-sided, Louis I Jagellon (1506-1526) and 1 Krejcar Leopold I (1657–1705). Separate photos are 10 Krejcar Franz Joseph I.

Paylaşan: Cobra Bornn – Czech Republic

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