The result of 3.5 hours

The result of 3.5 hours detecting and scooping in the shallows with the astonishing Makro Kruzer with the small 5×3 coil. To say I am impressed would be a serious understatement. I am absolutely in love with this machine ! I was expecting it to misbehave and chatter a bit in the saltwater. However, I was able to use it in several different modes including the Deep mode without being overly annoyed. The beach mode was of course the most stable. I should also say that I don’t yet have much idea another settings or adjustments, it is a bit complicated as my machine is in Russian. However, whe I get familiar with the controls I confidently predict that this machine is a killer. I didn’t find gold first time out but I did find 2 nice pieces of silver and half a kilo of coins. I haven’t yet dived with the machine as there was a cold 50kmh wind blowing today. I did dunk the machine a couple of times with no ill effects, the wireless headphones worked perfectly too. My only criticism is that they should have used stainless steel locking springs in the shaft not regular steel. I will change them myself. As a diehard Excalibur user I would bet my Excalibur that this machine will find it’s weight in gold in no time. Well done Nokta/Makro I am very impressed with the Makro Kruzer !!!! Super

Published by Kevin Murphy

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